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Spiritual Gangster started in 2010 in Arizona after Vanessa Lee and her husband Ian Lopatin taught a yoga class to hip hop music. A friend who'd taken the class came up to Lopatin and offhandedly called him a "spiritual gangster". The couple decided to put it on a t-shirt and it took off from there! The founders of Spiritual Gangster are inspired by yogis, athletes, artists, and musicians to create collections that encourage the high vibration practices of living in gratitude, giving back, and choosing kindness.

With every purchase, Spiritual Gangster provides a meal for a person in need through their partnership with Feeding America. They've donated over 11 million meals to date.

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Spiritual Gangster's Self Sculpt Leggings are designed for you to feel soft, beautiful, and strong. The soft ribbed nylon yarn is built for all-day comfort and unrestricted movement with its medium compression, quick-drying, and moisture-wicking qualities.

Love Sculpt Legging - Mukha Yoga
Love Sculpt Legging Spiritual Gangster
$90.00 $118.00
SG Zip Flow Hoodie - Mukha Yoga
SG Zip Flow Hoodie Spiritual Gangster
$70.00 $118.00
Perfect Sweatpant - Mukha Yoga
Perfect Sweatpant Spiritual Gangster
$75.00 $98.00
Stars Active Crop - Mukha Yoga
Stars Active Crop Spiritual Gangster
$42.00 $62.00
Self Love Legging - Mukha Yoga
Self Love Legging Spiritual Gangster
$65.00 $98.00
Amor Crop Tank - Mukha Yoga
Amor Crop Tank Spiritual Gangster
$43.00 $78.00